Seaworthy Boracay


Percy Thai Curry Crab and Thai Crab with Glass Noodles

Percy Seafood

The Bounty of The Philippine Islands

Percy Seafood is Seaworthy’s in-house restaurant, serving the best locally caught seafood from the surrounding islands but in a wide array of Asian and Western dishes. From a Royal Seafood Tagine, to Thai Curry Crab, to Seafood Cioppino, and more, it’s easy to see why Esquire says we have Boracay’s “Best Seafood.” The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Natalia Moran of The Sunny Side Group, the same talent behind Boracay staples The Sunny Side Cafe, Spicebird, and Supermagic Burgers.

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Percy Thai Curry Crab and Thai Crab with Glass Noodles
Royal Seafood Tagine, Moules Frites, Fresh Oysters
Executive Chef Natalia Moran

Hello, Sailor​

Your Front-Row Seat to The Best Show in Town

Pull up a seat, have a drink, and watch the most beautiful sunset in the world set in front of you.  Hello Sailor is serves craft cocktails inspired by fruits and botanicals of the Philippine islands. Our menu and bar program was crafted by David Ong of The Curator and OTO in Manila so you’re sure you’re having the finest drinks in Boracay.

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The Sunseeker
Menu and Bar Program by David Ong

Coco Mama

Boracay’s famous vegan-friendly coconut ice cream now has a new outpost at Seaworthy Boracay. Our coconut ice cream is served in a fresh coconut bowl with coconut strips, delicious Philippine mango, black sticky rice from the country’s uplands and pinipig (crunchy toasted young rice), it’s no wonder Esquire calls this the “perfect island dessert.”


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About Sunnyside Group​

Innovative food and drink combined with warm hospitality is the hallmark of The Sunny Side Group in Boracay. We have been on the island for almost twenty years and our collection of well-loved restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes for every persuasion and occasion.  Seaworthy Boracay is The Sunny Side Group’s first hotel.